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Motorcycle Accidents

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Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Were you in a Motorcycle Accident?

Have you or a loved one recently been involved in a motorcycle collision? Was it caused by another person's carelessness on the road? If so, do not wait to contact the top Scottsdale motorcycle accident attorneys at Goldman Accident Lawyers today. You may only have a limited time to get compensation from the reckless party responsible for your collision. With our help, you and your loved ones can focus on healing while we fight on your behalf to get you the money you deserve.


Motorcycle accident lawyers, arizona mortorcycle accident, jpegIf you are considering legal action after a motorcycle accident, there are probably very real and urgent reasons for doing so. The medical bills are quickly adding up, you may be losing time at work, or you are struggling to cope with permanent disabilities. By taking legal action, we can properly evaluate your claim to determine who was at fault and if there is adequate coverage to compensate you for the losses you have suffered.


At Goldman Accident Law Offices, our experienced lawyers will not only investigate the cause of your accident, but also determine the fair and just financial compensation you deserve. We will handle the negotiations with insurance companies and we will fight for your best interests every step of the way.



Filing AZ Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits


If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, there are issues that need to be clarified before you can make a sound decision regarding the filing of a claim for damages. Below are just a few examples of what needs to be done.


Cause: The first issue to clarify is how the accident occurred. If it was a one-vehicle accident where the driver simply lost control of the motorcycle due to their own fault, it is likely that there would be no viable legal action in that regard. There is an exception, however, and that would be if this motorcycle accident occurred because of a defect in the bike that could not have been discovered by the driver before the crash. If the crash was caused by the driver of another vehicle and included problematic conduct such as speeding, the presence of alcohol or a failure to yield the right-of-way, there may very well be a viable action.


Damages: Every legal action needs some form of damages in order to be considered valid. For instance, if a crash occurred and the damages included:


  • Motorcycle repairs and/or replacement
  • Medical bills
  • Physical rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering


These would all be considered valid damages that could rightfully be pursued and recovered in a civil law setting.


Types of Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits


Even if you have suffered injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, an Arizona auto accident attorney would still need to help you decide if pursuing that particular defendant would be worth the trouble and potential expense. For instance, if the driver at fault has no income and no insurance, then your attorney would likely help you work towards a different strategy of recovery.  This analysis must include a close look at all of the evidence that could be brought to court, including that which will work against you.


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